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Nightwave_photo by Craig GibsonLooking back, Maya Medvesek’s decision to pack her bags and move from Slovenia to London was a masterstroke. Having stayed put for about a decade, she eventually moved to Glasgow where she is now based – and rather enjoying meeting like-minded and creative folk. The city is also more affordable, and Glaswegians know how to party – despite the weather being a little gloomy at times. RK talks to Medvesek aka Nightwave ahead of the Why Make Sense festival at Port Beach Sand Tracks, Thursday, April 24.

Musically, influence trickled down from her father who was a musician – but it was going to gigs as a child – as well as touring with the family – where she had the most fun. “I’ve always been surrounded by music,” chimes the upbeat Medvesek. “I learnt music theory and flute as a kid and later on, as a teenager, got into techno. That was it really. I never thought I could actually do it professionally and did lots of other jobs in my life, from acting and working in the beauty industry, to doing a degree in alternative medicine. But I think the universe rewards those who follow their hearts and dreams, so I believe I’ve been very lucky.”

Recently back home to Glasgow from a tour, she is relaxing with a large coffee, reflecting on the weeks gone. “It has been a busy period,” she said. “I’ve just released a new record so I’m doing lots of promo work, whilst trying to recover from the launch party we had a few days ago. We had Artwork from Magnetic Man playing and it a very nice celebration indeed.”

And while the recently released Hit It EP had been in the making for a long time, her label Heka Trax is keeping her similarly busy on more of an ongoing basis since she established it last year. “I got tired of sitting on so much material for so long; having my own label gives me total freedom – but it does require a lot more work as well. I’m pleased with the response to the EP and it’s a real honour to be working with DJ Deeon. I also look forward to moving onto the next project and releasing newer material, which is different to the last few records.”

Yet on the question of an album, she admits she might do something but not until she knows she can release something truly special. “I may just do one in my life, who knows.” For now though, Medvesek is doing a few remixes, which she considers far less stressful.

She describes her music as ‘electronic’ – a truism, surely. But she qualifies: “I never think in terms of genres. I build my own stuff around bpm and I guess I go wherever my mood takes me on the day. I love high energy stuff and for the last few years I’ve been playing around with a more grime-y and rave-y sound, but I also make 4/4 tracks and I love more experimental ambient music as well. When it comes to DJing it has to be fun, energetic and positive – it should bring everyone together. It’s what got me into this music and I still get the same buzz out of it that I did 15 years ago.”

Medvesek shares a few words on her return trip to Australia – her third in fact – but the first as part of a DJ tour. Understandably, she is super excited. “I know Aussies like to party so I’ll do my best to bring some Glasgow and London energy and have a good old rave.”

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