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Nick Saxon
Nick Saxon

Nick Saxon & The Elusive Few return to WA this week for shows kicking off on Thursday, October 16 at Mojos; Friday, October 17, at the Indi Bar; Saturday, October 18, at Settlers Tavern, Margaret River, and Sunday, October 19, at Clancy’s Dunsborough with Ziggy Albert in support. BOB GORDON checks in with the musician/documentary maker.

You’re recently back from Europe with your friends Benjalu, how did that go?

         It was epic. I performed 33 solo shows in 31 days across France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium. That including the Blues & Ribs festival in Netherlands, and two massive support shows with Michael Franti & Spearhead in Belgium. I covered 7,500 km over four weeks on my own. It was pretty hectic, but amazing. Looking forward to 2015 over there! You can check my short series 33 In 31 on YouTube, where I have documented everything.

What do you like most about touring Europe?

The People, the venues, the landscape. It was all a great experience for me. I toured through the UK back in 2004-06 so it was good to be back.

Describe what kinds of songs you’ve been writing lately?

          I have just released a brand new single called, Sherpa. It’s about my short trip through the Himalayas with National Geographic Channel. The hike was incredibly challenging. Life changing. And inspirational. I met an old Sherpa carrying twice his own body weight in materials, on his way up. I took a photo and showed him. I don’t think he had ever seen himself in a picture before. I always take my guitar on trips wherever I go, and try to bring back some songs about the journeys. And thus, Sherpa was born.

You seemed to have found a way of travelling the world making music and filming for a living. Are you some kind of genius?

          (Laughs) No I don’t think so. It’s just another way of fulfilling my soul, I guess. Music and travel work so well together. And I try my best to capture those moments I have lived and share them with you. Everyone deserves to see this amazing planet we live on.

What are you plans into 2015?

          I’ll be releasing my first EP, and working on new songs and touring Australia, Europe and hopefully the States too. There’s plenty of work to be done with the travel and documentary side of things too, so I’ll no doubt be busy. But I love it.



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