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New Stuff From Kurt Vile


Not only is American indie rocker, Kurt Vile, gracing us with his presence at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival on Saturday, February 8, he’s also dropping a new EP on us. It’s A Big world Out there (And I’m Scared) is being released digitally and on 12″ vinyl and features seven tracks, six of which have been previously unreleased. Vile laid down the tracks when he was also recording his new album, Wakin’ On A Pretty Daze: Deluxe Daze (Post Haze), which is coming out as a two-CD set and digital album. Both releases hit on Friday, November 15.

Prior to recording, Vile fixed up his band, The Violators, and his producer, John Agnello, with a mix CD to show the direction he wanted the sessions to take. He’s been good enough to share it with the world. Check it out:


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