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New Sin City 2 Trailer Stars Familiar Faces


Bruce Willis is back!  That’s a pleasant surprise, considering his character didn’t survive Robert Rodriguez’s 2005 adaptation of Frank Miller’s hard boiled anthology comic.  Still, neither did Mickey Rourke’s Marv, and we knew he’d be back in the saddle for this one.

Sadly, Willis is involved in the least interesting element of the upcoming sequel, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For – that being the continuing adventures of Jessica Alba’s nevernude stripper, Nancy. It’s an original story for the film, as is the segment featuring Joseph Godron-Levitt, which means it was penned by crazy Islamaphobic Frank Miller, not cool, Batman-reinventing Frank Miller, so buyer beware, we guess.

Still, it does look like fun, and so much better on a visual level than Rodriguez’s recent grindhouse slumming. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For hits Australian screens later this year.


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