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New Old Boy Continues to Intrigue


We know, we know, there’s a stigma attached to remakes, especially American do-overs of top-notch foreign material like the brilliant and bizarre Korean revenge thriller, Oldboy, by Chan-wook Park. Even so, you can’t get wind of this upcoming Spike Lee joint and not get at least a little bit excited. Josh Brolin is the man imprisoned for 20 years for reasons he cannot fathom and Samuel L. Jackson is his captor. Throw Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, Lance Reddick and Michael Imperioli into the mix, and you’ve got a film that’s worth investigating. Take a look at the latest teaser below and tell us we’re lying.

Besides, if you’re really feeling sorry for Park, his first English-language film, the deliciously perverse Stoker, is currently playing. Read our review here.

Oldboy is released in Australia on December 5.

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