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NERVE QUAKES Running gets 8/10

Nerve Quakes

Televised Suicide


Nerve Quakes are, as they say, one to watch, particularly for goths or people open to the idea of goth – and they are very much a living, vital band, as the 7″ double a-side Running/Rewind, is testimony to.

Running is a track with industrial energy, slamming into its first chords with no mercy before the brief respite of the pounding verse and Caitie Moondog’s outstanding voice. If the lyrics want for tightening or a step away from vague gestures (an appeal to ambiguity which plagues Australian goth at present – these are something about robots, borrowed time, and yes, running both literal and metaphorical), then Thorne’s commitment to them more than redeems. Her voice is unyielding.

Crisp, sparkling dark wave guitars chime above the crackling synths, which – mixed high – sit close rather than taking a back seat to the song; the effect is of a buzz on the brain. The middle eight is an absolute gem, with its glittering guitar work and luscious vocal harmonies. It’s these little touches that distinguish Nerve Quakes from their pedigree (Xmal Deutschland, Skeletal Family, Danse Society) – the synth glitch-effect is unmistakably digital, pulling the band from its roots of three decades past, and in contrast the organic parts of Nerve Quakes stand out all the sweeter.

Running is music for driving fast at night or two espresso martinis deep in your local goth night.


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