NEIL FINN Crowded stream

Neil Finn has been experimenting with live streaming performances since 2003, a platform that suits his spontaneous and intimate style of performance. Now he has announced his intention to record a brand new album in full view, live on the internet. Oh really?

This follows up his excellent 2014 album Dizzy Heights (produced by Dave Fridmann), and it’s an innovative and rare opportunity to witness, hear and enjoy the creative process in a reality based scenario, from a legendary figure still evidently at the height of his powers.

Explaining his vision, Finn said, “Every Friday in August at 7pm NZT / 5pm AEST (3pm Perth time), I will be performing on a live stream from my studio in Auckland. During these Friday sessions you will be witness to a series of musical happenings featuring friends, family, fellow songwriters and singers playing tunes both old and brand new. You can follow the progress of new song arrangements as we build towards the last stream on August 25. This final performance will be the actual recording of my new solo album.”

His new album entitled Out of Silence will then be mixed, mastered and released on the following Friday, September 1. How’s that for a quick turnaround?

Finn discusses the concept on his Facebook page HERE and invites you to watch and listen to him and his exotic ensemble record the whole album, live in one session.

Out of Silence is out Friday, September 1. Stream the making of it on Fridays in August at 3pm Perth time via the Neil Finn Facebook page.