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Neil Finn and Paul Kelly


Goin’ Your Way


Paul Kelly and Neil Finn have plenty in common. As well as being from close knit Irish families, they are each considered the finest songwriter in their country of origin either side of the Tasman. The two joined up in 2013 to play their own and each other’s songs with the result being some classic tunes given a new lease on life.

Goin’ Your Way captures the final performance of that memorable tour from Sydney on Monday, March 18. The temptation when two songwriters tour together is to stand in the centre of the stage with acoustic guitars in hand as they work over the hits. Goin’ Your Way takes a different approach, with the band assembled for the shows having strong links and passion for the songs.

Finn’s son plays some tasteful and deft drums, while Dan Kelly shows off his dexterous guitar work. All band members sing to add layers not heard before on these tunes in the live setting. Finn wouldn’t be used to being trumped when on stage, but it is hard to compete with Kelly’s Leaps And Bounds, How To Make Gravy and To Her Door as highs of the recording.

There aren’t too many pairings that could work their way through almost 30 high quality  tunes between them and still have overlooked almost as many stellar moments. Formidable on their own, Finn and Kelly are a spectacular team. Goin’ Your Way is one for all occasions.


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