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NATALIE PRASS Lost gets 7/10

Natalie Prass


Lost, the third single from Natalie Prass’ upcoming album The Future and The Past, is about losing your own identity inside a relationship. In a recent interview with Rookie, Prass revealed she had been stuck with the wrong person: “the relationship I was in – the one the song is based on – I tried to get out of it at least five times!” and how it felt, “this isn’t who I am, I don’t feel like me right now.” Prass unpacks these feelings lyrically, lamenting, “I get lost when I’m with you, but at what cost?”

An anti-ballad, the song starts with her signature soulful pop/ R&B on a foundation of keys. As it progresses, her vocals, effortless and beautiful, begin to soar, her lyrics become increasingly self- aware, and she starts to recognise she’s lost. At which point orchestral elements are introduced. Her lyrics and the instrumentation become more and more powerful in parallel.

Then, at the song’s climax, we reach a feeling of empowerment. In the context of the album, which Prass says is about women’s rights, the vulnerability of this song serves to express the amount of strength it takes to remove oneself from a toxic situation.


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