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Natalie Gillespie
Natalie Gillespie

Natalie Gillespie’s second album, Courage To Love, gets a pre-release launch party this Saturday, April 18, at the Fremantle Arts Centre. BOB GORDON has a chat. 

What did you want to evoke on this release, moving onward from your last album, My Hettie Prince?

I wanted to express the change and growth that’s happened within me since My Hettie Prince because of, rather than despite, life’s challenges – good, bad, traumatic and joyous.  Also, to convey a message to the audience that to love fearlessly and fiercely, it takes courage.

When did the creative surge begin and what songs emerged first?

I’ve been writing forever. It’s almost as if every time I have a feeling I write a lyric. But the coming together of this album started about two years ago after the cliché breakup. I knew something wonderful and painful was going on and I knew it had to come out in song.

What was it like working with each of your co-writers – Dave Brewer, Pete Stone and Howie Morgan – and what do their respective differences bring out in you?

These chaps are first and foremostly dear friends so catching up with them for a yarn and some food was always the priority. They’re all wonderful musicians in their own right, so coming up with guitar progressions, riffs and hooks was never a problem. Some tunes happened very quickly and others come together after a good feed. Dave Brewer is known as an incredible blues-soul guy but we worked outside these genres on a few tunes such as Courage To Love and Blow Your Blues Away. They came up a treat.

You said recording this album has been a “wild ride.” In what ways?

My life is a wild ride. Unplanned, unstructured and spontaneous. It’s not the most conventional way for an album to come about but it had to happen that way. Having Ian Moss play on the album was a great example of what we hadn’t envisioned.

What’s the plan now that the album is out?

Lots of gigs and great festivals. At home, interstate, and around the world. And hopefully raise enough dosh to do it all over again!




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