Nahko & Medicine For The People kicked off their Australian tour at the Australasian Worldwide Music Expo in November, but have saved the West best ‘til last,  hitting Settlers Tavern, Margaret River (with Trevor Hall) on Thursday, December 4, and the Fly By Night (with Dustin Thomas) on Saturday, December 6. AARON BRYANS has a chat.

You’ve played numerous shows in Australia over this year, have you come to feel almost at home here?

Absolutely. There’s deep familiarity that runs in this land and it’s people. I have become very fond of this place!


What does being able to convey emotion through music mean to you personally?

It’s a huge relief.  If I didn’t have this outlet I am not sure where my strength would come from. The gift of storytelling and its relationship to music and melody is marvelous and mysterious. It has helped me move through so much forgiveness, compassion, and grace.


What do you feel is the most memorable part of your live performance?

Really, it’s like this: we build a fire on stage and allow the audience to feed it. In which case, for me, it’s just amazing to witness the tribe come together and kindle the ceremony. Storytelling coming to life. Magic.


How is the reception for Dark As Night going?

Priceless. It is a blessing to see so many souls moved deeply, singing so passionately with us – it’s a story that everyone can find a piece to connect to. It amazes me when we show up to a new town and people are singing every word and telling us stories of how the songs have really shaped and moved them through hard times.


What did you hope to achieve from the release?

Nothing we haven’t already. Simply to help our global community embrace and move through a time of unrest, both spiritually and politically.


Is there any more musical styles you’d like to incorporate into future releases?

For sure. Hip hop, funk rock, world sound… so much.


What does the Australasian Worldwide Music Expo mean to you?

Well, it meant an opportunity to be myself and allow people from around the world experience our fire.


If there was one message you’d like to spread to society what would that be?

We are the seventh generation and it is our duty to serve and protect our mother earth and all living things. Learn grace and compassion – forgive but do not forget – and remember to seek the balance in the art of war.