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MY SHOUT @ The Blue Room Theatre gets 8.5/10

My Shout @ The Blue Room Theatre
Wednesday, September 8, 2021


Four friends in their twenties meet at the pub for a drink. Sounds like a standard weekend for most Perthians (or so we’ve been led to believe); it’s what happens next that will have you examining Australia’s infatuation with alcohol in a whole new light.

My Shout is a daring, energetic new work presented by the recently established Undercurrent Theatre Company. The company, consisting of Claire Appleby, Scarlet Davis, David Stewart and Samuel Gordon Bruce, are all newly minted graduates from WAAPA’s Bachelor of Performing Arts program, and bring with them a fresh take on a well-worn topic of discussion, namely our inherent desire for connection through alcohol.

My Shout brings together stories of Sunday seshes with the lads, stories from the teetotal end of the family dinner table and the anxiety-ridden aftermath of booze fuelled nights out on the town. The ensemble, featuring Scarlet Davis, Claire Appleby, Christopher Moro and Shaun Johnston, made for a believable bunch of twenty-something mates who were at ease in their characters from the get go.

The script was witty, tongue in cheek and a little too relatable at times judging by the reactions from audience members. Not surprising, given that the script was devised by the group using, among other things, research and personal experience of our drinking culture.

My Shout

My Shout is a tasting paddle of all the good things independent theatre has to offer: storytelling, spoken word, singalong and stylised movement. The minimalist set and lighting worked beautifully with the choreography and sound design, proving the benefits of integrating design into the devising process early on.

The choreography in particular was mesmerising to watch with each section complementing the tableaus that preceded and followed it – another feather in the cap of Emma Fishwick, whose choreography always has a dreamlike quality to it.

The gang were delightful to watch from beginning to end as they navigated the highs and lows of Australian drinking culture set to a live soundtrack created by the oh-so-smooth sound designer David Stewart. While all four ensemble members were at top of their game, Claire Appleby deserves a special mention for single handedly reminding this reviewer of her lost twenties through an unforgettable performance of the tequila song.

Equal parts slapstick humour and storytelling, mixed with seamless choreography and garnished with spoken word, My Shout is a heady cocktail best consumed in the company of old drinking buddies and close friends.


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