MOTÖRHEAD Ace Of Spades Deluxe 40th anniversary edition

milestone album Ace Of Spades is being presented in a new Deluxe Edition Collector’s Box-Set in celebration of its 40th anniversary, set to be released on Friday, October 30.

Upon its release in 1980, the Ace Of Spades album was nothing short of a game changer for all forms of hard rock. Like lightning in a bottle, it perfectly captured everything great about hard rock, heavy metal, and punk, amped it all up to 11, and came racing out of the gates at what felt like a million miles an hour, pushing at every musical boundary.

Now, following on from last year’s fan and media acclaimed anniversary editions of the Overkill and Bomber albums, comes the record that launched Motörhead into the stratosphere and carved their name into the walls of rock and roll history forever.

There will be hardback book-packs in two CD and triple LP formats, featuring a previously unheard concert from the Ace Up Your Sleeve tour, the story of the album and many previously unseen photos. Also, the album will be released as an ultimate fan, collector edition Ace Of Spades box set, containing a bevy of era-specific treasures and some 42 previously unreleased tracks.

Motörhead’s Ace of Spades 40th anniversary Deluxe Edition Collector’s Box-Set is out Friday, October 30. Head to for for more info.