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MOSQUITO COAST The X-Press Interview

Three years ago Naomi Robinson went from a regular Perth high school gal to triple j famous. Since her project Mosquito Coast alongside Conor Barton won triple j’s Unearthed High in 2015 she’s been on a roll of sharing her dreamy pop bangers with Australia and the world, even playing with fellow local legends Boat Show for a while. Earlier this year, Mosquito Coast travelled to NYC to record their debut album with French producer, Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective, Deerhunter, The War on Drugs). MAGGIE BOCHAT caught up with Robinson to chat about the band’s new single and video for Skipping Girl, and how changes in style, influences and parental relations have affected the bands newest release. Catch them at Settlers Tavern, Margaret River on Thursday, December 6, Indi Bar, Scarborough on Friday, December 7, HyperFest, Midland on Saturday, December 8 (all ages) and Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Perth, later that night. 


How did it feel when you put your foot in the cake during the Skipping Girl video?

It was really gross because I had an ingrown toenail a week before so it still looked really swollen and disgusting, but I put it in and it felt really nice. Kind of like a spa.

Was that shot done in one take?

Yep! They were like “No one step on the cake” or “Don’t eat the cake” and then all the crew got to eat the cake afterwards.

Oh gross! After you put your foot in it?

Yeah but they ate around the yucky bit…

Can you tell me a bit more about the video? Who filmed it and where?

It was directed by HIBALL; they are from Perth but studied fashion in Melbourne… it’s really aesthetically pleasing. The house was about an hour and half drive out of Melbourne city.

Oh really! I thought it could be a Cottesloe house; strong golden triangle vibes. What is the song Skipping Girl about? I picked up lyrics about family and mothers…

It’s meant to be about forgiving your parents and thanking them for raising you. Kind of dorky.

That’s really nice. Do you feel like you’ve come to a point in your life where you have a positive relationship with your parents?

Yeah, when you move out of home you appreciate them way more… I don’t yell at them now (laughs). When you move out you’re like “I love you” and then if you move back in and your like “You suck”.

That must be a big change from when you first released music as Mosquito Coast in 2015. Would you have predicted writing this kind of music about loving your parents?

I’ve never had it put like that… that’s a good insight.

How has the response to the song been?

Good! It’s nice to have that out there and have people listening to it and have a music video that we like.

Is this the first music video?

Yeah, we had another one but we kind of binned it… It was a few years ago and we were a bit embarrassed but this one we are super proud of.

In the video you and Conor are husband and wife, do you get that a lot? People thinking you are a couple?

They often think we are together. We kissed at BIGSOUND because I was like there’s so much sexual tension between us… I used to be in love with Conor when I was a kid.

What! Did you?!

Yeah (laughs)… and he was just like, “I’m gay” (laughs). But we had a little smooch and it was nice.

How was the crowd reaction?

We didn’t do it onstage! We did it offstage, in the crowd.


It was good, I liked all the bands. I missed all the Perth bands like Demon Days. We hung out with Perth people mostly though… so that was nice because I don’t hang out with them normally.

It sounds like there are some new influences in your new music. Has your sound been influenced by new music trends?

I like new music by Moodoid (who have also worked alongside French producer, Nicolas Vernhes). There’s a whole scene in Paris with them and another girl called Laura Briard… she’s got a new album out. They are just a sick trio of girls making awesome music. The melodies are really nice and light.

Would you potentially go to Paris and see them?

Yeah I’d love to. It’s a cliché but I definitely romanticise it.

Do you have any travel plans?

I don’t have any money but I’d like too. I’m gonna go down south for the tour. My sister lives in Margaret River so I stay at her little house in the bush. It’s this beautiful wooden cabin but she’s getting kicked out soon so I have to make the most of that before she gets kicked out (laughs).

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