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MOSQUITO COAST Skipping Girl gets 7/10

Mosquito Coast

Skipping Girl


If Skipping Girl sounds like a pretty, sunny little song, that’s because it is. It’s the first single for Perth locals Mosquito Coast released their from their upcoming independent debut album due for release later this year.

Produced by Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective, The War on Drugs, Dirty Projectors) in New York, the track is warm and familiar with enough finer details and texture to keep the more technical listener interested. Naomi Robinson’s vocals are as sweet as apple pie, but the swirling guitar, luscious synth and drums keep it indie and edgy.

The song starts off almost like a lullaby with hypnotisingly sweet vocals and keys that tinker around in perfect harmony with the space they are given.  It then quickly delves into the dream pop field the band knows well, with a hook-laden, harmonised singalong of a chorus and simple but catchy chord progression. The last 30 seconds is a highlight as the songs dishes out some luscious soundscapes with Dirty Projector-esque production trickery.

While the song isn’t exactly pushing any boundaries, it’s also impossible not to like. Skipping Girl does what it is intended to do, making like a worm inside your ear.


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