MORRISSEY Spent The Day In Bed gets 6/10

Spent The Day In Bed


Morrissey returns with Spent the Day in Bed, the first single from his upcoming LP, Low in High School (out November 17). And while there is a spark of something akin to genius on this track, from the jaunty piano hook to the witty lyrics that advise on how to deal with the “the real world”, it is hard to imagine this single igniting passion in any but those already devoted to the Moz.

As the years go by, Morrissey’s tremendous wit and lyrical skills continue to shine and be the best in the business (and much to Moz’s chagrin, this music thing is a business after all). It is however his mates in the band room that let him down by being stuck in the past and failing to produce inspired instrumentation.

Musically, this track features a keyboard locked to squelchy synth tones that would not have sounded out of place on a Menswear record along with a ‘vinyl scratch sound’ that is as incongruent to this track as that dreadful ‘hovercraft taking off’ sound effect we heard on 2004’s Irish Blood, English Heart.

Here’s hoping that the LP provides a more mature and musically adventurous jaunt to entice both existing and new Morrissey listeners to forget the world and stay in bed with.