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Morgan Bain

Morgan BainBefore he shoots off for his first ever European tour, Morgan Bain will be doing his thing at The Indi Bar this Friday, August 29, playing cool alt-blues tunes alongside Old Blood and Teischa Jones. We caught up for quick chat.

Tell us about your European sojourn.     

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for probably a year now and its finally happening and I’m really excited about it. I’m touring with the amazing Hussy Hicks from Queensland, who are great friends of mine, so its gonna be so much fun.

They’ve toured there heaps of times already and have fan bases there so it’ll be an instant crowd for me, which is awesome.

What country are you most looking forward to visiting?

I’ve never been to Europe so I’m looking forward to it all. The main tour is through Germany and I’ve been told how much they love their live music there and that they really get into Aussie artists. I hear its an amazing country and I can’t wait to check it out. We’re travelling in a van so that’ll give me a good chance to have a look around. I’m then heading to the UK and looking forward to checking out the audiences there and the live music scene in general, as well as doing the touristy thing if I get time.

How does touring and travel affect your songwriting?

Touring gives me more inspiration to be honest, because threes so much going on and I’ve been pretty lucky so far with not running out of ideas. There’s always time to sit and write even if it’s five minutes. Planes and airports are great places to write songs, luckily, and I’ll have lots of time in those.

What’s your departure routine?

I really have a lot of gear these days and I’m probably getting better with my gear when I tour, but heading to Europe is a whole new experience and I’ll have to be creative with what I pack!

Given it’s your last local show before the tour, what can we expect at the Indi Bar?

We’ve got some new songs to try out that I’ve written and some amazing guests in Old Blood and new comer Teischa Jones. I’ve recently got a new bassist in Adam Springhetti, who’s a monster musician. Its just a great excuse for a big old party and a good time so come down and get into it !

What’s up after the tour?

As soon as I get back I’m touring with Benjalu (NSW) while they’re in WA and then we’ve got Blues At Bridgetown, which is so huge this year and has some amazing artists on the bill. We’ve also got another exciting show on at that time that I can’t announce just yet and hopefully there’ll be a new single out soon after that too.

The plan is to take the band over East early in the New Year so it’ll all be full steam ahead!


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