MONTAIGNE @ Badlands Bar gets 9/10

Montaigne @ Badlands Bar
w/ Stevie Jean, Miss Blanks
Friday, November 9, 2019


Wacky, confident and full of life, Montaigne brought her Complex album to life Friday night at Badlands Bar. This high energy set had the crowd captivated from the opening line, right through to the final notes. 

Stevie Jean

Opening the show was Darwin’s Stevie Jean, who at only 18 performed without a nerve in sight. Alone on stage with just a guitar and mic, her soulful tunes warmed the small crowd. Jean’s impressive vocals carried the room through her latest releases from new EP Blame Game, and old favourites. 

Miss Blanks

Next up was Miss Blanks who stepped on stage with all the right kind of energy. She bounced around reciting her biggest tracks and interacted with the growing crowd. Miss Blanks’ raw and unapologetic rap was the vibrancy the crowd needed to be up dancing and primed for the headline show. 


Montaigne’s arrival was met with rapturous applause from screaming fans. Kicking the show right into gear, she danced around her space opening with CHANGE and held the audiences’ attention throughout. She slid into Complex with such animated movements, it felt as though the story behind the tune was unfolding right then and there. 

She chatted with the crowd and explained the latest album would be played in order with room for some old favourites. Breaking no promises there, the first few chords of Because I Love You rung out and the amped-up crowd erupted. This was a standout moment that had the crowd as swept up in the music as Montaigne herself, who shook hands with those in the front few rows reciting her love for each one. 


Love Might Be Found (Volcano) had the crowd hanging onto every word and listening in awe to the singer’s pure and impressive vocal range. In between tracks, she connected with the crowd and got personal as she explained the writing process and meaning behind key songs. 

She anxiously explained Stockholm Syndrome as a reflection on her past relationships and the negative patterns she discovered, before finding a positive and healthy relationship with her current partner. This moment of vulnerability allowed the audience to connect and the intimate crowd rewarded this by remaining transfixed throughout this slower, softer intermission.  


Of course, it wasn’t long before Montaigne picked the energy back up and delivered READY. A mass of hands and fist flew into the air, controlled by the music with screaming voices following along with Montaigne’s. With an encore of I’m a Fantastic Wreck, the crowd was left satisfied but as always not wanting the show to be over. 

From this set, it is hard to find fault. Montaigne cemented herself not only as a world-class singer-songwriter, but a true performer in every sense of the word. Her emotional lyrics and vulnerable connection with her fans provided the perfect backdrop for her wild movements and undoubtedly powerful vocals. 

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