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MONNONE ALONE Cut Knuckle gets 8/10

Monnone Alone
Cut Knuckle
Lost & Lonesome 


He may be best known as a driving force behind The Lucksmiths, but Mark Monnone has been kicking around Melbourne town as the go-to bass player for any band wanting a deft touch and pop smarts. While he is a master of rhythm, Monnone Alone is the vehicle for him to front an outfit with a set of his own tunes, and the full six strings.

It is no accident that Monnone, who had a strong hand in some early century summer radio hits, has a sturdy set of melodic chops when fronting his own outfit. Cut Knuckle has the expected amount of jangle sitting just below the surface, with a sing-along chorus that is undeniable.

This latest tale of misadventure is delivered with Monnone’s warm voice and characteristic turn of phrase. A few spins of this single and it is impossible to not be wandering around the neighbourhood with the words “If I feel you force my hand, you’ll see another cut knuckle” swimming around your head.

Difficult Boy rounds out the single to show another side of his pop repertoire, with a sweet two-minutes that would have been at home on K Records in their heyday. With Cut Knuckle being any indication, the new album can’t come around quick enough.


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