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MOJOS BAR Ready for a new chapter

Mojos Bar
has announced plans to reopen their doors on Friday, May 14. The North Fremantle venue closed last month following news that long-time co-owner Andrew Ryan had stood down from operational duties at the establishment due to “prior conduct” that had “caused others to feel uncomfortable.” The situation prompted a number of artists to cancel upcoming shows at the venue.

Although many of details surrounding the developments have not been disclosed, Mojos are confident the venue can return to its place as one of WA’s most cherished live music venues.

“Mojos Bar is pleased to be able to provide a further update,” the venue shared on their Facebook page today. “The outgoing Mojos Board of Directors have finalised a restructured board and management and are progressing towards new ownership. Pending current Covid-19 restrictions, we aim to reopen the venue on Friday 14th May. We will keep you posted with any updates regarding the re-opening of the venue as it comes and we hope to see you all very soon.”

In addition to the news, Mojos Bar also announced a new Programming Director, Amber Jean Hatton, would be leading the venue going forward.

“Like so many of you, Mojos has been a very special part of my life,” she said in a statement today. “As a music industry professional, devoted music lover and Mojos regular, the events surrounding the temporary closure of North Fremantle’s iconic music venue and bar have been heartbreaking.”

“It’s time to move forward in a positive new direction. I am stepping into the role of Programming Director at Mojos and will be responsible for all programming, booking and promotion of live music. I am a committed advocate for inclusivity and diversity in all areas of my work and life, and I bring to this role over a decade of experience within the music industry as a manager and promoter.”

“If you’re a music lover in W.A. you’ve been to a show at Mojos and witnessed the magic of this venue, the staff, production, musicians and punters. We’re committed to creating a safe and inclusive culture that brings music lovers together. We’re committed to booking great shows, diverse acts, and supporting live music from W.A. and beyond.”

“I hope we can all be kind and supportive of one another during this transition, and work together to deliver the best for the patrons, staff, performers and our incredible and cherished music community. We’re ready for a great new chapter of live music at Mojos.”

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