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MOJOS BAR Co-owner to cease operational duties amidst concerns of “prior conduct”

Mojos Bar
has issued a statement revealing co-owner Andrew Ryan will stand down from operational duties at the popular live music venue.

“Mojos Bar prides itself on being a safe and inclusive venue. Part of this is recognising flaws and acting on concerns,” the venue said in a Facebook post over the weekend. “In light of recent events Andrew will be ceasing all operational duties with Mojos. He has acknowledged that prior conduct has caused others to feel uncomfortable. He is taking time to reflect and better himself. Mojos will support him as he works through this.”

Mojos have also pledged their commitment to the safety of the venue and their openness to engaging with people about their concerns. “Mojo’s commitment to safety is absolute. We want you to know we hear you, and we encourage you to talk with us,” the venue said.

Mojo’s Bar has not detailed what this “prior conduct” entails, but the Facebook post was met with strong feelings from the Western Australian music community.

A number of artists that were scheduled to play at Mojo’s Bar have withdrawn in light of the events.

Alternative folk artist Riley Pearce postponed a show at Mojo’s Bar on Saturday night, pledging support for safer venues.

“It is unfortunate to have the first show of this tour cancelled but I’m in full support of creating safer venues and calling out bad behaviour,” he said. “Music is supposed to bring people joy, connect a community and ease suffering not create more.”

Local label Stock Records also postponed a split 7″ launch from punk acts Last Quokka and False Cobra at the Fremantle venue.

“Given the recent events regarding Mojo’s and Cool Perth Nights, we do not feel it is appropriate to hold this event right now,” they said. “We believe in creating a just and inclusive music community and we do not wish to hold this event if any of our friends and supporters would not feel comfortable attending.”

Mojo’s Bar, formerly known as the Stoned Crow, has been one of the most important live music venues in Western Australia for over four decades. It was recently recognised as WA’s most-loved live music spot in the annual WAMAwards, taking out the prize for Most Popular Venue for the seventh year in a row.

Mojo’s Bar has announced that co-owner Andrew Ryan will be stepping down from operational duties at the venue. Follow X-Press on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter for updates on this story as it unfolds.

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