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Mechanics, Walk This Way
Mechanics, walk this way

It might be an outlandish attempt by the West Australian Government to seep the fun out of Perth’s bar scene, or simply a by product of the everyday construction site that is Perth City, but either way, those looking for a sneaky tipple at Northbridge’s Mechanics’ Institute will find their stairway to cocktail heaven blocked.

So… with the bar’s James Street entrance closed, where oh where does that leave those poor souls looking for a night of debauchery and risky business? Never fear, oh spirit-inclined, there’s a way to beat the system.

Whisper the words ‘err, I’m trying to find Mechanics?’ to the lads and lasses at Flipside, and your secret gateway to Bloody Marys and other crazy concoctions will be revealed.

That that, THE MAN!

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