MOANA A Distant Echo


Moana launch their latest video, Echo, this Friday, December 12, at Babushka, with support from Usurper Of Modern Medicine, Kitchen People, Joni In The Moon and Hokra. We catch up with lead singer, Moana Lutton.


As the year winds down, how would you characterise it for Moana?

Really amazing! I’d characterise it as a year of big learning and so much fun. We have progressed in so many ways both individually as musicians, as well as a band working together all while having a great time. We released our debut EP, have made two film clips, toured over-east and played a bunch of sweet gigs and local festivals – In The Pines and the Beaufort St Festival were such an honour. It’s been pretty non-stop, but so enjoyable and now we’re just super excited about our new stuff and moving forward.


Tell us about the new video.

The song Echo has a pretty dramatic story behind it and is based on a twisted tale in Greek mythology. During the process we came across this great quote – “Myth is not so much to do with the past, but a kind of magical present that can flood our lives when the conditions are just so.” – and that kind of became our main reference of exploration. It’s a pretty unusual kind of music video with a very theatrical and narrative-like edge, drawing influences from romantic art, gothic imagery and mythological symbolism, which I think culminates into a very eerie, fascinating and bold piece of film-making.


This isn’t your first collaboration with Via Luna. What makes you guys a good fit for each other?

That is true, Via Luna Pictures also directed The Killer, My Girl, which was nominated as Best Video in the WAMs! Luna is just amazing and one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, let alone working with! I think the main thing is that we both have great passion for what we do as artists in our different artforms and share a keen interest in making work that is different and aren’t afraid to push it. Having that mutual support and freedom both ways is really wonderful. We genuinely have such a great and fun time collaborating on all the facets too. We’re super lucky to work with this crew!


What’s the new year going to bring?

New, new, new stuff! At the moment we’re focused on developing heaps of new material as well as changing up our live show, which we are really excited about. That is our main focus and we’d also love to release another EP or even an album, make more videos and go on more touring adventures, of course. We’re in a time of change, and it’s a really enlivening feeling.


Anything else to add?

“The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye… until we meet again.”