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MoanaAnswered by Moana Lutton (vocals).

Who is Moana?
Moana (pronounced mo-ah-na) means ‘ocean’ and much like the ocean we are a flexible entity. Moana is the band comprising of a predominantly three-piece line up (Javan Gorman, Lochy Hoffman and Moana Lutton) occasionally joined by other creatures on strings, flutes, saxophones and things. We’ve been kicking around as a band for about a year and a half and prior to that Moana was a very different solo thing based in Margaret River.

What’s your sound?
I think it’s a big mesh of sounds and influences. I guess the genre of ‘art-rock’ could sum it up, with blues and grunge undertones and an ever-present dark and mystical atmosphere. Someone once said that it’s like running through a darkly enchanted forest. Key influences vary from the darker side of The Doors, Leonard Cohen, PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley, The Dead Weather.

How have you found the response to the recent EP, A Mouthful OF Birds?
All the feedback has been really positive! The reviews have all been really great and offer interesting insights. We are really happy with it, so that’s the main thing to remember amidst everyone’s different opinions and I think seeing us live is still the best way to really understand and appreciate what we’re about. Being our debut, we learnt a lot and are just buzzed to work on new stuff now and keep evolving.

 What made The Killer, My Girl stand out as a potential video subject?
It was the most visual song on the EP and therefore the most inspiring to translate to a film. The lyrics are all very visual and tell a story about specific characters, so the prospect of bringing those aspects to life was the most alluring. It’s also the most attitude-ridden song on the EP and we wanted to bring something powerful and bold to the world.

How was the video developed conceptually?
The song tells the tale itself; it’s a tormented love story about a killer woman who seduces you to blissful and wild love, only to rip your heart out and murder your soul. The atmosphere of the song is very dramatic and cinematic in a Tarantino or David Lynch kind of way. Our director Laure Bernard developed these initial ideas in a big kind of way and really brought it to life. It was an awesome collaboration.

What’s up next?
We’ve been writing heaps of new material and are hoping to do some shows over-east before the end of the year. Other than that just keep creating. More recording, more videos, more shows, more inspiration, more energy, more music.

Moana launch the video to The Killer, My Girl this Friday, August 8, at The bird with support from Puck, Old Blood and Golden String. Doors open at 8pm, entry is $5.

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