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The Floors/SpaceManAntics/Catbrush/David Craft


Friday, April 25, 2014


Fresh from launching his first solo release and playing a string of shows in Melbourne, David Craft got the night underway with his deep, smoky baritone. Accompanied by violinist Maddy Blue’s sweet backing vocals, the duo conjured up wonderful brooding and intricate songs.

Up next were Catbrush, who were quick to pick up the pace with guitarist and lead singer Ellen Oosterbaan’s angelic but raw howling voice and guitar riffs. Combined with drummer Anetta Nevin’s seemingly effortless percussion and Ben Rose’s complimentary bass, the trio brought a strong and captivating energy to the stage, and you couldn’t help but hear the likeness of PJ Harvey.

With SpaceManAntics came a wave of hot fuzzy psychedelic rock. The throbbing bass, smooth synth and hook after hook they had the crowd swaying and head banging in union with their music.

The Floors have earned themselves a well deserved spot in Perth’s prominent local scene. It didn’t take much to prove why, punching out loud and gritty bluesy rock, riddled with complicated riffs, throbbing bass and powerful drums the Dux brothers and Ashley Doodkorte had complete control of the crowd.

Having spent the past year gigging around Perth, Moana have drummed up a fair bit of hype for themselves. From the very moment of stepping into stage, lead lady Moana Lutton had punters captivated with her haunting beauty. Launching into their set with an intro and then their first song, My End, the band quickly proved they were worthy of the acclaim. Joining in for a song was Lutton’s mother Jen Stevens on flute and the affectionately coined “local band whore” Jamie Canny on the saxophone, who had just earlier joined The Floors for a song. The sparse guitar and Javan Gorman’s punchy bass, combined with Lutton’s intoxicating and evocative voice, drove the crowd into a frenzy and left them begging for more. It was hard to single out one song from the night as a standout. However, with Hyena Lutton, oozing raw energy only accompanied by her tambourine, had me on the edge of my metaphorical seat.



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