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Mainstream radio hasn’t exactly been on a roll as of late. In fact it’s been torturous to listen to. However, the arrival of MKTO has changed the vibe a little.

Whilst it’s still musically generic, built on catchy choruses and unimaginative lyrics, Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller have released a trio of singles that are tolerable and fun. Thank You, Classic and God Only Knows have been blissful compared to the headaches of Nikki Minaj and Jason Derulo. Now the duo has released their highly anticipated, self-titled album, with eight more radio-friendly poppy jams that honestly aren’t that terrible.

With the exclusion of the brainless Forever Until Tomorrow, songs such as American Dream and Could Be Me could easily be additional singles and are bound to bring pre-pubescent girls to tears.

The biggest problem with the album is the song Wasted which, (pun intended), is lyrically wasted. The track itself has the musical potential to be a brilliant slow song, with a simple piano layer and violin appearance. However, MKTO fail to break any hearts and instead come across as immature boys.


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