MIRACLE WORKERS: DARK AGES gets 6/10 From the heavens to the middle age

Created by Simon Rich
Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Jon Bass, Karan Soni
Network: Stan


Miracle Workers is an anthology comedy series that relies heavily on cliché and cheesy humour, which is both its weakness and its strength. While most comedy series usually rely heavily on sexual innuendo to get the laughs, Miracle Workers‘ second season Dark Ages relies on taking the setting of Middle Age Europe and giving the humour a modern feel and tone. This at times can become rather hard to watch and does feel a bit ridiculous after a while, especially when the jokes don’t quite land. However, this cheesy humour mixed in with an emotional story about love and the journey to get there does make for interesting television.

This is mainly because of the great cast who deliver fantastic performances and try their best to deliver cheesy dialogue. Daniel Radcliffe plays Prince Chauncley who is essentially a weak and feeble prince and has never impressed his father dues to his lack of strength. Who would have guessed that Harry Potter would have such an eye for comedy as his delivery is actually really good and enjoyable to watch. Geraldine Viswanathan, an Australian actress, delivers a fantastic performance of the character Al, a young woman with hopes and dreams who falls in love and learns about family and community.

However the standout in this season is Steve Buscemi in his performance as Eddie Shitshoveller, whose job is as his name states, who also last season played God, which was exquisitely entertaining to watch. His comedic timing has always been a stand out throughout his career – his ability to play both serious and comedic roles shows his acting range has no bounds.

All in all while this show’s humour can be a touch lame and get on your nerves at times, you may still find it pleasant to watch. While many of the jokes didn’t really land hugely well, there’s still the feeling that it is watchable and if you enjoy that style of comedy then this show is for you.