Mink Mussel Creek


Mink Mussel Manticore

Spinning Top/ADA


Mink Mussel Creek are one of the most mythologised lost Australian acts in recent memory. For those who came in late, they were the immediate ancestor of Tame Impala and Pond, with a debut album, Mink Mussel Manticore, that never saw the light of day when they were together in 2007-08.

At last, the long-lost record is getting a digital and vinyl release. It features the joined forces of Kevin Parker (Tame Impala), Nick Allbrook (ex-Tame Impala, Pond) and Shiny Joe Ryan (Pond), plus a few others. And as you can guess, it’s another triumph for psychedelic rock and the city of Perth.

It all starts with some downright explosive chords in the 13-and-a-half-minute opener, They Dated Steadily, before mellowing into more typical fuzzy riffs on the slow burner, Meeting Waterboy. The seven tracks rarely dip below six minutes in length, leaving ample space for experimental jams, but with song titles as tongue-in-cheek as Cat Love Power and Makeout Party Girls, it still feels very self-aware.

Rest assured, Mink Mussel Manticore is well worth the wait for long-time fans, with room for latecomers to join the shindig as well.