MINI MANSIONS Bad Things (That Make You Feel Good) gets 9/10

Mini Mansions

Bad Things (That Make You Feel Good)



Mini Mansions are really building up tension for the release of their new album, Guy Walks Into A Bar – especially with the third single, Bad Things (That Make You Feel Good).

From the second the beat starts, one cannot help but start moving around – especially when a familiar drum beat starts up (QOTSA fans won’t help but notice the powerful beats of Mr Jon Theodore). Bad Things is definitely 80s inspired whilst still being modern and relevant – think a cross between Devo and Eagles of Death Metal, and yet all Mini Mansions.

It’s such a powerfully fun track and, between their two previous tracks, really starts to paint a picture. After all, we do know that this album is the most personal they have written. The story is starting to take place and you know it’s gonna be a ripper, a heartbreaker and will keep you enthralled to the very end.

As Mini Mansions sing, “I hear the music and it makes me want to get up and shake,” and honestly, this track will have you shaking around the dance floor in no time and leave you wanting much more of those bad things that make you feel good.