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MIND WARP PAVILION 40 plus locals for Bowie’s best

Over 40 local musicians and artists will be coming together this Saturday, February 3 to celebrate the life of David Bowie at the Mind Warp Pavilion event being held at Gate One Theatre, Claremont Showgrounds. 

The show will feature over 40 local musicians and artists including DJ Claude Mono, James Baker, Malcolm Clark, Greg Hitchcock, Vincent Buchanan-Simpson, Tanaya Harper, Clayton Brown, Kiera Owen, Sara McPherson, Grace Barbé, Adam Trainer, Owen DeMarchi, Greg Dear, Shaun Corlson and many more. Check out the incredible full list of artists below.

Expect Bowie hits such as Ashes to Ashes, Diamond Dogs, Heroes, Jean Genie, Let’s Dance, Life On Mars, Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust and Starman. 

DJ Claude Mono says of Bowie, “If I think about David Bowie in 2018 and Mind Warp Pavilion 2, it is probably the expansiveness of it all that is so unique. Over 40 artists coming together whose experiences of just one artist span decades. From those that have known, listened to, and been inspired by Bowie all of their lives to those that are just discovering the profound influence of the shapeshifter on the music of today… and tomorrow.”

Mind Warp Pavilion 2 takes place this Saturday, February 3 at Gate One Theatre, Claremont Showgrounds. 

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