Mike Erceg
Mike Erceg

The Perth punk scene lost one of its beloved members recently with the passing of drummer, Mike Erceg. DONNY RAT remembers a good mate. 

In memory of our old friend and scum-rock comrade, Mike “Miles/MK13” Erceg, who passed into the eternal void on 20th March 2015. Our deepest sympathy to his much loved family, parents and sister, who have lost an only son and brother.

A 20+ year stalwart of the Perth punk rock scene and a total one of a kind weirdo, part human, part alien. To the few who knew him well, a good mate and a top man to have on your side onstage. One bloody hell of a drummer, Mike was always humble about his own talent with the sticks and glib regarding his own musical achievements.

Happier with anonymity, but was sought out often and by many to reliably provide and deliver that needed drive and innate rawness to the mix. A rock’n’roll zombie behind the kit. Dead on. No mess. Mike delivered the best backbeat and rhythm that personally I’ve ever played with.

A real strange cat our Mike (this is the guy behind the most sought after GG Allin record ever released). A mind apart. As an obsessive collector and archivist of West Aussie punk and hardcore, and local underground art, his dedication to the subculture will be sorely missed.

Mike hit it hard in music as in life and that once too often he bit it hard. He’s now forever immortalised on his many recordings with local outfits Raw Nerve, Sub Rosa, Nailed Down, Verbal Diarrhea, Hostile Sausage, Beast In Heat, The Frictions, Riot System, TCB, GG Alien, various Rupture side projects and most recently with The Disintegrates.

His contribution to the last two decades of Perth punk/HC shall be remembered by many. So, pack away his gear and clean out his cage. That part of the zoo is now closed.

Rock on Miles. We will miss you brother.

Respect, and never forget,

Donny Rat