MIDDLE KIDS New Songs for Old Problems gets 7/10

Middle Kids
New Songs for Old Problems


Middle Kids’ newest release shows a shift in musical tone. The band, led by singer and guitarist Hannah Joy, is well known for their grungy and powerful songs themed with a fringe of backyard aesthetic, however, their latest EP New Songs for Old Problems seems to shift that.

With an eerily gentle quality to the vocals and a romantic focus, the album shows promise for change and displays the clear diversity in the band’s musical range.

Whilst the change feels a little jolted, and not quite what was expected, the softer approach places a greater emphasis on the powerful vocals that Joy provides. Needle and Big Softy employ her power, combined with soft backings to present songs with a focus on lyrics and designed to present a message; a change to the aesthetic we’re used to.

Fans will appreciate New Songs for Old Problems from the get-go, even if it doesn’t contain the usual raw pump. The diversity in power and rhythm provides a sense of the band’s dynamic evolution, and keen ears will notice the newer focus the band appears to be taking, for as far as the tracks are concerned – it’s all in the placement of Joy’s lyrics in the mix.