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Michael Workman


The Astor Theatre

Saturday, March 17, 2014

Playing his latest show, War, to a packed out crowd at the Astor Lounge, Michael Workman presented a potent show with a fantastical war-torn world of social disinterest and lost ambition interspersed with hilarious jokes and asides about his own life.

The show itself is a subtle indictment of society’s apathy and how we define what’s important to ourselves, and he shines a light on all manner of topics as he takes us on a journey through his fantasy world, disturbingly reminiscent of our own.

From parents to cougars, Happy Meals to religion, Michael’s masterful presentation of his imaginative observations left the audience in stitches. While the combination of the concepts, a cerebral presentation of a world that’s forgotten how to dream, and biting observational comedy is fresh and beautifully crafted,  it struggles at times to justify the relationship between the two, but it’s soon forgotten as the jokes come fast and furious.

Overall, a fantastic night much enjoyed and a great insight into Workman’s blurring the lines between art and comedy.



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