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MICHAEL PIGNÉGUY Awakening sleepy Perth

Drummer-producer Michael Pignéguy is bringing The Awakenings Ensemble and saxophonist Jamie Oehlers to the Ellington Jazz Club next month, blessing Perth with their unique brand of jazz and world music.

Lauded as ‘atmospheric’, ‘gifted’ and full of ‘compositional flair’ by outlets worldwide, the group are set to wow on July 4 as part of Pignéguy’s current world tour.

Pignéguy is known for his extensive list of collaborators, whom he employs as he tours in their localities.

Harry Mitchell (keyboards), Peter Jeavons (basses), Simon Jeans (guitars & FX) and Ricki Malet (trumpet) will accompany the crew, which will no doubt amount to a stage overflowing with pizzazz.

Michael Pignéguy presents the music of The Awakenings Ensemble ft. Jamie Oehlers at the Ellington Jazz Club on July 4 at 7pm. Tickets are on sale now.

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