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Michael Franti And Spearhead


All People 

Capitol/Boo Boo Wax

Michael Franti further cements himself as an agent of love and positivity with his eighth studio album, All People. Along with his band Spearhead, and joined by a couple of like-minded collaborators, Franti proves that music is one of the greatest tools for helping people find calm in a chaotic world.

Eschewing an overtly political message, the music on this album goes from high to high with a clear message that happiness is the mind state most conducive to change. It seems that his desire to reach a more vast audience has led to the injection of catchy and uplifting dance music style beats, while still featuring his mellow voice and a perfectly strummed guitar. The titular and opening track sets a perfect tone, the only obvious criticism of which is the lack of deviation from this style which does become a little tired by the final track, Say Goodbye.

Michael Franti and Spearhead show themselves willing to throw their hat into the global ring and push forward a sound which aims only to lift the burdens of those who hear it.

Rating: 3 & 1/2 stars


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