Mezzanine (photos by Rachael Barrett)-1 (1)
Mezzanine – Photo by Rachael Barrett

Tired Lion/Pat Chow/Black Stone From The Sun/The Surf Rabbits

Amplifier Bar

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Amplifier Bar audience were in good spirits to help see off local pop rock outfit Mezzanine as they performed their final show before heading their separate ways. After years of gigging, touring and the release of their debut LP in 2014, Mezzanine are amicably calling it quits.

Kicking off the night with a cool aesthetic and vibrant performance were the Surf Rabbits. Combining punky riffs with retro tones and understated vocals, Surf Rabbits have a flavour for almost everyone. Thrashed out cords made way for bluesy solos and the percussion pounded synchronously as the players got into their groove.

Black Stone From The Sun came through next and kept the energy high with their unique brand of stonery, grungy rock. Heavy riffs were paired perfectly with wailing vocals, imbued with a distinct classic punk apathy, that crackled as the intensity rose.

Pat Chow followed with their classic punk sound; high paced riffs, catchy calls and machine gun drums. Pat Chow have a great presence for a three piece, having become mainstays of the scene for a reason, and always provide a solid, floor vibrating performance.

The last act before the finale were the rapidly rising Tired Lion. Fresh off their first national tour in 2014 and in constant gigging mode, Tired Lion came through more like a hungry lion with another consistently tight and entertaining set. Tired Lion are able to craft some ridiculously catchy tunes and all heads were nodding in approval.

Mezzanine were last to the stage for the beginning of their last outing together. As has always been the case, Mezzanine played a slick set of the tunes that has seen them hit venue after venue for the last seven years, including their successful single Mannequin Man. Despite the sad occasion, the lads were in high spirits and played with big smiles and with a big energy.

Mezzanine were one of the first local acts I was lucky enough to review when I first started at X-Press, and as such were one of the acts that helped me to gain a newfound respect and understanding for the power of a live performance. Congratulations to these boys for a successful run and putting together such a talented line-up of local musicians for their last kiss goodnight.