METROPOLIS FREMANTLE Million dollar upgrade

Long-running nightclub and live music mecca Metropolis Fremantle has undergone a million-dollar upgrade, upping the quality of production for local and international artists.

In order to reclaim their position as one of the leading nightclubs in the country, they’ve spent a tonne on all new equipment. Special attention was given to enhancing the club’s audio-visual facilities, with 360-degree lighting features and new screens.

Metropolis Fremantle, which first opened in 1991, now boasts a large, high-definition stage screen, curved screens wrapping the venue’s many columns and a suspended screen above the dancefloor, connected to Australia’s only moving mother grid. LED lights with the ability to change moods and themes throughout the night are used throughout the venue to create a varied and unique ambience.

Long-time venue booker Jeff Halley says, “With the trend towards touring acts producing a grand visual experience to accompany their stage show, Metropolis’ upgrade in facilities offers local and touring acts a similar opportunity in producing their own amazing audio-visual experience.”

Coming up at Metropolis Fremantle, there’s live shows from BastillePennywiseNLE Choppa x Famous DexThe Darkness and Jimmy Eat World and more.

Metropolis Fremantle is located at 58 South Terrace, Fremantle. For a full calendar of events and tickets, head to