MERCY Taking on the seven deadly sins with dance

MERCY is a contemporary dance show that confronts the seven deadly sins, taking audiences on a journey to find the good in humanity this Fringe World. The thought provoking piece will make its debut at Theatre One, Hayman Theatre, and will run nightly from Saturday, February 6 until Saturday, February 13 (get more info and tickets here). MICHAEL HOLLICK sat down with the show’s choreographer and star, the New Zealand born Emma Western, to find out more about the show and just how one turns sins into a dance.

How would you describe your show in your own words?

MERCY is a contemporary dance show. It is based on the seven deadly sins and how they are hidden in modern day society.

Who do you think will enjoy MERCY the most?

Probably young, professional adults. But dance can be enjoyed by all and everyone!

How long have you been preparing for Fringe 2021?

I first created the concept back in September, held auditions in October, and then we’ve been doing weekly rehearsals since November!

Regarding MERCY, what are you most proud about?

I can’t really pick one thing, I’m really proud of how it’s actually come together from just a thought in my head a few months back. I couldn’t of done it without my awesome cast though, who I’m also extremely proud of. Although COVID was hard for us dancers – it’s also meant there’s an abundance of professional dancers in Perth just wanting an opportunity to dance. They really are what has made my vision come alive.

What do you think differentiates your show from the other Fringe 2021 shows?

Firstly I’m actually a Kiwi! So there aren’t really any international artists this year in Fringe which means I’m one of the few. I think the biggest thing that differentiates my show from others would be the fact that underneath all the pretty dancing there’s actually quite a strong and serious message about how our society needs to get ourselves together. We need to take a hard long look at what and how our actions take effect on not only ourselves but others and our environment. Wow that got really deep.

And finally, what fruit is your show most like? And why?

This is actually really hard, I think I’d have to go with a pineapple. Mostly because it’s one of my favourites but also because they really show that what you see on the outside isn’t always what you get. MERCY shows how the seven sins are in society but also just how easy they are to hide.