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MEG MAC @ The Rosemount gets 8/10

Meg Mac @ The Rosemount Hotel
w/ Georgia Fair, The Money War
Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Powerhouse vocals laced with sophistication and an old-world style: Meg Mac unleashed a captivating show at the Rosemount Hotel on Wednesday, October 4. Celebrating the release of her acclaimed debut record Low Blows she’s spent the last month sweeping across the nation performing sell out gigs to an ever-expanding fan base. The Melbourne-based singer who was recently nominated for an ARIA for Best Female Artist has seemingly commanded an escalating success for her authentic and distinctive sound. Her live show dazzled with a punchy blend of blues, rock, gospel, and soul in the first of her five consecutive sold out shows in Perth.

Georgia Fair

In an evening packed with outrageous talent, Sydney duo Georgia Fair were the first to own the stage with their wistful melodies. Showcasing enigmatic lyrics, the earthy vocals of Jordan Wilson mesmerised in high-precision style as the room began to fill up. The beautifully blended concoction of crowd warming folk/rock tunes made for an easy listen to settle into the venue and have a drink to.

The Money War

Perth’s very own indie rockers The Money War fully embraced the opportunity to widen the audience as they ignited the stage with a mature, delicately plotted sound. Their chilled out vibes saturated the room with harmonies that inspired a sense of calm and delivered a delightful slice of escapism. Closing the set with their single Recall, band members Carmen Pepper and Dylan Ollivierre raised the bar and anticipation for the rest of the evening. Unbridled by the hassles of life, their sound absolutely thrived in a live setting bringing friends closer together and making strangers feel connected in the intimate space.

Meg Mac

The lights lowered as Meg Mac stepped onto stage clad head to toe in a detailed white suit and iconic broad rimmed black hat. Familiar droning chimes struck the air as the show kicked into gear with Turning, a nostalgic throwback to her first EP. Her commanding voice was near flawless as she touched on moments of tender vulnerability that would move to build momentously into outlandish displays of power.

As the music faded to silence, her soft-spoken persona would seep through. She thanked the audience and dropped trinkets of information here and there about how particular songs came into being. The show dipped and weaved between her older and new music but naturally her debut album Low Blows, released this July, was the central component to her performance. Show stoppers from the album included singles Maybe It’s My First Time and Low Blows along with her intense western infused Ride It that brought the twang and grind of Nashville to the Rosemount. In her first time performing what she explained is often called her “October song” in the month of October, we saw the earnest emotional lyrics come to life in a truly believable performance.

Meg Mac

Songs such as Shiny Bright and Brooklyn Apartment were staged as the intimate aspects of the show however, while immaculately delivered, it was a time that needed to emphasise a bit more softness. The show seemed to power through intensely without highlighting these more tender moments, which diminished her connection with the audience.

Meg Mac

Additional treats included her performance of a new song Saint Philomene, where we witnessed the artist absorb into her music focussing on looped vocals and beats as she sung entirely in French. In a satisfying end with a twist, the encore consisted of Meg performing a solo (once the keyboard started working again) take on Sly and the Family Stones 1973 hit If You Want Me to Stay. Finally the iconic ballad Roll Up Your Sleeves had the audience huddled, swaying and singing along in what felt like a celebration of a show that will keep warm in the hearts of all who attended.


Photos by Linda Dunjey Photography

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