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Meg Mac – Songs From The Soul

Meg Mac
Meg Mac

Meg Mac has just released her debut EP, MEGMAC, and will perform a sold-out show at Amplifier this Saturday, September 20, with support from Rainy Day Women. She popped into X-Press this morning and chatted to BOB GORDON about some of her favourite songs.

1. Camille


“Camille the French singer, does all those looped vocals and stuff. That was the first time I heard someone singing not weirdly, but not that technically, in a sense. Being able to make sounds that could be great singing even if it’s a bit ‘weird’. I like that whole album (Le Fil), I just about lost my mind with how you could use your voice like that.”

2. Sam Cooke

Nothing Can Change This Love

“His voice is just amazing. It’s just so… simple? It’s just a simple, good song that makes everybody feel something.”

3. Bon Iver


“I love the vocals. I really like this song. He’s just special.”

4. Frank Oceans

Forrest Gump

“I first heard this on an aeroplane through the shittiest headphones., that were all like (makes hissing noise) but I listened to it like 50 times anyway on the way over to Perth. Then I listened on real headphones when I got home and I just about died. He’s modern, but it still sounds like soul, that everyone can relate to. It’s like he’s talking to you and it’s just so normal.”

5. Edith Piaf

Non, Je ne regrette rien

“I like all her songs… (sings Non, Je ne regrette rien). I feel like she’s a soul singer. She definitely isn’t, but she feels like soul to me. She is probably my favourite performer. During breaks at uni I used to sneak into the library and watch Edith Piaf DVDs. There was something about how she would just stand there. She pretty much died singing. I wouldn’t mind dying while I was singing (laughs).”

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