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McGregor versus Prior Odds and Predictions: The Trilogy’s finale

So, we all know that McGregor and Poirier now stand on a tie 1-1 to their fighting history, with the most recent fight seeing the past featherweight and lightweight champion getting alienated by Poirier. Both now stand holding a knockout each, so it makes all the sense that they would both want to end it, to be the ultimate champion over one another. While both facing each other with many years apart from their first encounter, the third final fight would give McGregor the chance to redeem himself and up his training, considering that he was completely wind sided by Poirier.

Fans keen to tackle conor mcgregor betting, should ensure to keep updated with all the odds as and when it happens. This article will leave you best placed to do so with the most up to date knowledge of the fight. Make sure to conduct your individual analysis before you commit to any pre fight or in play betting on the event.

It is believed that Poirier had put aside his chances of becoming lightweight champion, by taking up the trilogy match, which should showcase his determination enough. Many bettors will certainly be taken by the light of confidence shown here by Dustin. As of April 2021, the odds for McGregor vs Poirier were at -110 for each. While they have fluctuated from then on, with McGregor taking the favourite position of -115, it is believed that McGregor should be able to muster the fight to beat Poirier with a -110 knockout at the next upcoming meet on July 10th.

Will anything be different in the final trilogy fight?

The obvious thing that we know here is, Conor will definitely need to work around the powerful leg kicks that Dustin has managed to pull out of the bag. Conor is not the kind of fighter that reacts well to leg kicks, and it was noticed that Silver and Alvarez had some success with it but they abandoned a strike to find themselves getting knocked out when they went for the punches forward. 

McGregor definitely needs to work on his orthodox fighting style, to ensure that his lead leg for kicks is not exposed to Poirier, who is a fellow southpaw. Maybe Conor may be able to attempt a Cowboy, as he did in the past with Cerrone, that certainly blitzes him pretty well in the moment, for sure.

Dustin was hit very hard in the opening round of the first round, this resulted in him taking a shot for the takedown attempt. He even admitted that a few more shots from Conor and the fight could have gone very differently, so if Conor had managed a stuffed shot it certainly could have been the game changer. The question is, can Conor keep up that, and rework himself with that edge in the next fight to come?

Should McGregor be the betting favourite?

This is a question that many are asking, so let us enlighten you. Connors loss on January 24 was certainly one that took everyone by surprise. It’s the first time Conor had ever been knocked out in his entire career, McGregor was actually knocked down-unlike his Mayweather boxing loss. Conor was actually not so swarmed by Dustin in the previous match, and he definitely managed to get in some great shots too before the leg shots were what changed the game entirely. What the loss can teach Conor, is how he can come forward and really change his fate against Dustin. He just needs to use it as a learning experience and anticipate where the killer leg shots can come from. That is why many believe he is still the betting favourite, as they think he can pretty much do it.

McGregor versus Poirier Prediction

The following UFC fight in July will certainly be a tough call to make. There is no doubt about that. Conor will need to muster technique, as he no doubt has the power to put Dustin back into a corner, as he demonstrated within the first round of the January fight. It’s the stance that makes Conor such a dangerous fighter, as he strikes and is able to keep away from future punches that his opponents bring. He also has that ability to lean forward on his front foot, which allows him to cover the distance he needs too. 

With all that being said, if Dustin manages to get Conor’s leg again, he will definitely have the edge to walk away as the trilogy champion, no doubt about that. Dustin has many things to walk away with, on Conor’s strategies: he needs to slow him down to make the leap forward, but he also needs to back away from the power of the leg kicks that could come his way in the next fight. It is believed that Conor will most likely not hold back on those, as it is where Dustin almost fell previously, and they will be the huge difference between winning and losing. It’s slim, but possibly McGregor has got this if he learns from his past mistakes.


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