MAYA HAWKE Stranger Things star now a singer?!

Stranger Things
 Season 3
was released at the beginning of July and it is totally worth watching if you haven’t already seen it. The series featured many favourite characters and allowed the audience to explore new characters, such as Robin, who was played by Maya Hawke. But it seems like 21-year old Maya Hawke, daughter of actress Uma Thurman and actor Ethan Hawke, has a little more up her sleeve.

Maya’s Acting Career

With such talented acting parents, it is no wonder that Maya has created an already very successful acting career. Not only has she featured in Stranger Things, she has also been in Little Women and Lady World. You might also recognise the talented American actress, Maya, from Tarantino’s latest movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The young actress has also done some modelling for Vogue, AllSaints, and Calvin Klein.

Maya’s Singing Career

Like all curious young women, Maya has decided to explore her options and try her hand at music. Maya recently launched two singles from her upcoming album. Listen to her two singles, To Love a Boy and Stay Open, to get a taste of her beautiful music which probably will melt your heart. Her smokey voice is accompanied by an acoustic guitar, which gives it all a very innocent feel. The two singles, which are based in the folk-rock genre, have proven to be very catchy and will stick in your head. The Regina Spektor aspects of Maya’s music will definitely have you swaying along to her soft voice.

Maya co-wrote both tracks with songwriter Jesse Harris, who has worked with famous musicians such as Lana Del Rey and Norah Jones. Just like Lana and Norah, Maya’s songs draw on the swoony qualities of 70’s folk-rock. To Love a Boy features lyrics that paint the singer in a longing sense of wanting to find a boy to love. She yearns to fall in love the same way she loves the ocean.

Whilst Stay Open features lyrics about unrequited love and trying to move on, but not being able to leave that love behind. Both singles are teasing her fans, who just can’t wait until the album is released. Maya’s father, Ethan Hawke couldn’t be prouder of his daughter and took to sharing her songs online.

According to Connor Wood, music expert from THEGOODESTATE, “It appears that the cast of Stranger Things are a musically talented bunch, with Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) frequently breaking out into rap, Finn Wolfhard (Mike) performing in his indie band Calpurnia and appearing in videos by popular rock bands such as Weezer and PUP, and Joe Keery (Steve) who played in a band called Post Animal and who has recently released a debut single from his new psych-pop project. The question on everybody’s mind is when will the cast join forces and do a worldwide tour to showcase their talent?”