MATTYTWALL Blues Traveller

MattyTWallMattyTWall the man and MattyTWall the band (he fronts the three-piece that bears his name) never seem to stop moving, so when we got the chance to have a chat with the accomplished blues man, we leaped at the chance.

What have you been up to lately?

Well, in addition to playing some monthly shows in Mt Lawley, I have been looking at expanding the sound of the band with backing vocals, keyboards, and sax too at some of my shows. Keeping it interesting, but giving the songs the extra dimension that I hear in my crazy head. The songs are just about fully formed and ready to be recorded, which I’m working towards.

You seem to keep up a steady regimen of live performances. How do you organise and maintain such a schedule?

Between running a business, having a family and trying to further my music both in terms of managing and performing, the only time left is when I am asleep!  Seriously, sometimes it can be non-stop but what is really important is being true to yourself and your aspirations and having friends and family who share your same ideals.  If you have that, then the rest just falls into place.

Been spending any time in the recording studio lately?

I was due to go into the recording studio to work with Dan Carroll at Rada on a full-length album a couple of months ago, but I suffered a nasty tendon injury in my left hand that put me out of action for many weeks. That was very hard.  Now I am back, hand is better than ever and I am due to go into the studio with the guys in January to do this recording.

What are your plans for summer?

As you can probably tell, November will be a fun trip down south to play some of my favourite places, along with some guest musicians at most of these shows where we can let loose with a few extended blues jam outs. Then working towards January to get into the studio to make this music permanent.

I must tell you though, in December my wife and I are due to have our third child and I am really looking forward to meeting this new little person! Exciting times indeed.

What’s the upcoming gig you’re most looking forward to?

The WA State Blues Challenge at the Bridgetown Blues Festival is going to be a great event.  There are some really cool artists  involved in this, and always when that extra pressure is on is when some great performances come out.  This event might be the place to be for all those coming down to Blues@Bridgetown this year.

MattyTWall plays The Flying Scotsman on Friday, October 31, Bridgetown Blues Festival on Saturday, November 8, Denmark Hotel on Friday, November 14, Bunbury’s Prince Of Wales Hotel on Thursday, November 27, and The Redcliffe in Pinjarra on Sunday, November 30.