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Matt Waring

Matt WaringMatt Waring Launches his debut EP, Smoking Gun, this Saturday, March 29, at The Causeway with support from with support from Sam Barendse and Eloise Ashton.

When did you first start playing music?
I first picked up a guitar in 2009 where I tried teaching myself how to string a few chords together to impress a pretty girl. Only recently have I been gigging, as I wasn’t overly confident in my voice, but I have comfortably found my own style and am enjoying the nightlife.

What’s your style?
My style at the moment is a ‘finger-style’ acoustic approach, sort of folky and rootsy. Light guitar with melodies all over the place. Think Josh Pyke and City and Colour.

Where did you record the EP?
I recorded with Chris Gibbs at Noiseathon Records. It was great – really opened my eyes up to the possibilities of creating music. He is a funny guy, always with the sarcastic jokes and movie quotes, which suits me perfectly. He was a great producer too; whenever I felt like I’d hit a wall adding things creatively, he gave me a different perspective, a few ideas would always follow.

What’s the standout track in your estimation?
She Says and Smoking Gun are at a tie in my mind. They are both crowd favourites and I really enjoy playing them.

What does the future hold?
The future is all about more music.

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