MARKY RAMONE Blitzkreig over Badlands

Roll out the red carpet, punk-rock royalty is Perth bound! Marky Ramone of the iconic NYC punk crew The Ramones is set to dish up the fan faves at Badlands Bar on Friday, November 28 as a part of Marky Ramone’s Blitzkreig Over Australia tour.

As one of the last remaining members of the band that conquered an international level of fame and influence, Marky Ramone is the only living member to have received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. His live performance will serve as a rare peak into the sound of a band that are so often associated with truly defining the punk rock genre.

Noted for his hyper on-stage energy and natural take to the front man stance, the show is said to dig deep into the archives of dead-on timeless tunes that are guaranteed to have the audience singing along.

“The setlist is 38 Ramones songs. Every song that we play, people are gonna know. It extends from the first album, [1976’s The Ramones] all the way to Pleasant Dreams and the Brain Drain album,” says Marky.

Marky Ramone plays Badlands Bar on Friday, November 28.