MARILYN MANSON God’s Gonna Cut You Down gets 8.5/10

Marilyn Manson

God’s Gonna Cut You Down
Loma Vista


Marilyn Manson has just released a video for his cover of God’s Gonna Cut You Down – an iconic American folk song that was first recorded back in 1946 and performed by some of the great artists including Elvis Presley, Tom Jones and of course, the man in black himself, Johnny Cash.

The video (check it out below) was filmed in black and white at Joshua Tree by director Tim Mattia and, along with Manson’s voice, together they create a dark mood filled with desperation, despondency, loneliness, melancholy and death, yet it leaves you with a strange juxtaposition of dark beauty and comfort.

Manson has a preternatural ability in taking a song and turning it into a darker, iniquitous version of itself and leaving you feeling like you need to take a long, hot shower to scrub the creeping doom and shadows from your soul that haunt you long after they have ended. This is not a bad thing. Not at all. Once again, Manson has produced a song that will haunt you long after it has finished.

Manson’s version of God’s Gonna Cut You Down is a stunning version for sure. The imagery of the clip adds the perfect amount of mystique and unease to ensure that this song will be in your mind long after the music fades away.