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magic!Don’t Kill The Magic
RCA Records

The sudden rise of Magic! has been an enjoyable one; bringing their fresh batch of reggae-pop to a seemingly stale and repetitive mainstream scene. However after months of listening to their hit single Rude, it’s time to see if the Canadian quartet can keep up the groove and avoid being a one-hit wonder.
Their debut album, Don’t Kill The Magic, proves just that; showcasing the band’s versatility and smooth ability to transition between both the reggae and pop genres. The album varies from the rim-shotting, hand-clapping No Evil to the stripped-back melodies of One Women One Man. However, it’s clear by the end that MAGIC! shine in their fast-tempo’d, ultra-layered, harmonised pop tracks, with tracks such as Paradise and Little Girl Big World. The title track, Don’t Kill The Magic, may be the weakest track on the album, with simplicity and a lack of elements keeping it from being overly engaging.
Having the mainstream expertise of Nasri Atweh (involved in writing chart toppers for Justin Bieber and Chris Brown) has paid off, providing some relaxing holiday pop and taking the first step to restoring mainstream airwaves.


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