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Mad Mex 1kg Burrito Challenge

Mad Mex
Mad Mex

OK – so we’ve picked our first teammates to help us out with Mad Mex’s 1kg Burrito Challenge.

Legends Football League offensive lineman Linda Holland and 4 time Explosive Pro Wrestling Champion, Marcius Pitt!

We’ve also chosen X-Press readers Liam (who is a speed eater) and Riccardo (who at over 2m tall has space to fit this beast in).

If you want your chance to take on this beast of a burrito with us, share this post and leave a comment – we’ll pick our next teammates in just a couple of days!

Pitt Cutout
Marcius Pitt

Marcius Pitt – EPW Wrestler
“Marcius Pitt is one of the most successful wrestlers in the country as a former 4-time EPW champion and 2-time EPW tag team champion. With his explosive style and moves that have to be seen to be believed, Pitt has dominated the local, national and international competition. Pitt’s unmatched drive to be the very best at his craft makes him a standout performer in Australia.”

Linda Holland

Linda Holland – Legends Football League Offensive Lineman
But it’s not all just about the glitz and glamour and who can look pretty on TV as some people would try to have you believe. These girls are lean, mean training machines that ooze athletic confidence and pride. Long gone is the skinny model throwing a ball around the football field stereotype! It only took one season to dispel that belief. Their training regime revolves around intense and heavy lifting sessions along with fast and explosive agility sessions. Not to mention the twice a week scrimmage where its go hard or go home crying.
For these girls, the words cardio and diet end you up in the sin bin or even worse, left in pieces as full contact tackles and blocking leave no room for the weak minded or bodied. As defensive veteran Linda Holland is now learning after being switched to compete for an Offensive Line position, the phrase “bulking” is a term you come to learn to love. Part of her training is now eating her way into a starting position come game day. Like many of her fellow Angels, to be the best athlete you can be, it’s all about the fuel you put into your body. And boy can these girls eat. When it came to choosing an Angel nomination to compete in the 1kg burrito challenge, the team leader and motivator was one of many to put her hand up to attempt to dominate the challenge. With her all or nothing attitude she won the chance to compete and again eat her way to the top! Never underestimate an Angel. It will only end in disaster both on and off the field.

PRD chick
Weapon Of Ass Destruction

“Weapon of Ass Destruction – Perth Roller Derby

As one of Perth Roller Derby’s veteran skaters, Weapon of Ass Destruction has been bouting for two and a half years. And what a two and a half years it’s been! Captioning the travel team West Coast Evils last season, she now is captain of the home team The Apocalipstiks; training at least 3 times a week as well as doing off-skates fitness. As a self-confessed strategy nerd she is always watching derby (and reading the rules!), looking for ways of making plays stronger to beat the other team.
Roller Derby is a game of physical endurance as well as mental resilience, which is as exciting to watch as it is to play.
The West Coast Evils will be heading to The Great Southern Slam this June to compete in the largest roller derby tournament in the southern hemisphere and The Apocalipstiks will be taking on The Bloody Sundaes on May 17th as part of the Perth Roller Derby home season.
For more information on Perth Roller Derby, or to buy tickets to a bout, head to the website.


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