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LUCY PEACH My Greatest Period Ever returns

Lucy Peach | Photo by Liam Thomson

Following a celebrated run as part of Fringe World, local songwriter Lucy Peach is back with her period piece, My Greatest Period Ever. Catch in-progress showings on Wednesdays, August 23, 30 and September 6 at Lazy Susan’s (upstairs at the Brisbane Hotel).

A bloody awesome, powerful movement that hopes menstrual cycle awareness will one day just be a normal thing, Peach describes it as a show that “celebrates us bleeders for who we are in all our glorious phases”.

“It’s not too much of a long bow is it – to imagine the impact of more people living in better harmony with themselves?” she adds. “Better relationships? Better use of self in the workplace? More energy being channeled creatively that could have been spent on anxiety? World peace? Who knows. What I do know is that people want to talk about it, girls, women, trans people, men of all ages and I am so ready to keep sharing it.”

If you are a menstrual person, you’ll have around 500 periods in your life, so discover how you can life hack your cycle and use it as your own inner compass. If you know or love a menstrual person this show is for you too.

If you missed the sold out season at Fringe World, you want to keep talking about it or you have no idea what is going on and are curious, this is your chance. But get in quick – all previous shows have sold out. This next run of shows will feature a swag of new songs written for the show and some loving direction by Mel Cantwell of the Kabuki Drop.

My Greatest Period Ever plays Wednesdays, August 23, 30 and September 6 at Lazy Susan’s (upstairs at the Brisbane Hotel).

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