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LUCY PEACH – Speaking In Tongues



It’s been a busy twelve months for local songwriter Lucy Peach. There have been international tours, Fleetwood Mac tributes and now her second EP – Silver Tongue. CHRIS HAVERCROFT speak to Peach about the new record that comes five years after her initial recordings. Lucy Peach launches Silver Tongue at the Fly By Night Club in Fremantle on Friday November 25.

Peach is a teacher by trade, but a relative latecomer to making music when she was the ripe old age of 27. Now with 5 years experience behind her, Peach has committed herself to making music full time and is starting to see the reward for her effort. Peach concedes that she looks back and wonders how she managed to get anything done before attacking her passion full time, but there were other reasons for the long time between releases.

“I went through a bit of a hard time (getting divorced basically), and you can’t rush all that stuff so I didn’t do a lot of music during that time,” offers a candid Peach about where her music has come from. “When it came time to do this new EP I managed to get some good people around me and it has been really good. I wrote Bomb, which was the first song that I wrote, and that was the one that I took away from the thick of that tough time.”

“All songwriters would attest that writing songs is a form of therapy and it is cheaper than counselling or whatever. For me there was a real moment of allowing time and space for how things were and then looking forward to what picture it was that I wanted to paint now. It was then that most of the writing for Silver Tongue happened.”

At the time that Peach recorded her debut Wax and Wane, she was ‘pretty green’. This time around Peach has been more focused on what it is that she is trying to create and found the perfect ally in Joel Quartermain at Wasteland Studios. Silver Tongue is a bit of a reinvention of the artist who was initially just a woman and a ukulele.

“I am not the type of person who is driven in life by having to get things done by a certain time. I suppose there was a bit of a dreaminess to making Silver Tongue, but I just wanted to get it right and to enjoy every part of the process. My motto or ethos when I started was ‘it’s all such a learning experience, that if I enjoyed every part of it I would be happy with the result’. I have been working really hard and have people working hard with me, that I really want to honour that and I have a bit of fire in the belly.

Peach is as proud of punch of the new recordings. The singer tries to be objective about listening to her own music, understanding that it is capturing a moment in time. Having picked up the printed CD’s the other day, excitement levels are pretty high and this will flow over into the lunch on Friday evening.

“I don’t often put on my own shows, so when I do I like to curate them quite carefully and make them pretty special. I like to make people feel comfortable and have a good time. When people take the time to come out and see live music you need to love the crap out of them, and give them a really great show. I have a few little bits and pieces and some local people who are on ‘aesthetics’ and setting the vibe. I’ll probably have a few special guests come up and join me on stage too.”

Lucy Peach plays Fly By Night Club in Fremantle on Friday, November 25 for the launch of her EP Silver Tongue with support from Odette Mercy and Damian Crosbie. Get your tickets here.

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